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Snooker Table Cloth Recovers

A recent recover of an Allied Billiards 8ft Home Strachan Snooker Table with Grey Superfine Cloth

Have you ever wondered what it is like to play snooker in the World Championships at the Crucible, Sheffield?

Our recent clients were looking at traditional green until we mentioned this superb new Silver cloth. Initially doubtful, they chose the silver cloth for us to recover their Allied Billiards 8ft Home Snooker Table. They were very impressed and have sent us pictures of our stunning new cloth fitting Strachan Superfine with AntikickTM technology gives home and business the speed, consistency and control only before experienced by the professionals at events like the World championships.

The cloth is a light weight but durable, 100% wool, napped cloth that replicates the speed, control and consistency of the Championship No. 10 cloth used for all ranking pro tournaments.

For snooker the new Strachan Superfine cloth has been selected by the International Billiards and Snooker Federation (IBSF) for all of its tournaments in 2019 including the IBSF World Championships. It’s versatility ensures that English Pool players at tournaments and in amateur leagues have a cloth that feels right, is responsive and quick, but also gives players confidence of controlling the ball.