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Snooker Table Recovering Nationwide for 50 years!

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Pool and Snooker Table Removals

Pool and snooker table removals, re-installs, refurbishments, recovers and general table maintenance are a major part of our services over the last 5 decades.

We cater for commercial and home customers and are experts at all sizes from 6ft up to full size snooker tables of 12ft x 6ft.

General carriers and removal companies can tackle the jobs but may not have the specialist knowledge, tools, trolleys, jacks, and wherewithal to successfully remove and reassemble.

All manufacturers have different design and build criteria so will require knowledge to complete a successful strip down , retention of parts and remembering placement of parts in the rebuild process.

Weight of tables can be a major obstacle for household removal companies, pool table slate can vary from 100 kilos up to 5 separate heavy interconnecting 3 inch tick snooker table slates that are dowelled, pinned or glued together and weigh over 1000 kilos.

Essential with snooker tables is the ability to carefully disconnect the main frame, slate pieces and all parts linking them together for the rebuild. Parts that are lost or broken in the process can be hard to find or replicate as tables can be hundreds of years old. Most slates then have to be expertly rechecked for levelling and may have to be filled and re-skimmed.

Most English small ball, 2” object ball, pool tables have 1 piece slates and can vary from 6ft in size up to 8ft. Snooker tables can have up to 5 pieces and generally vary from 8ft up to 12ft sizes.