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Recent 5ft Table Top Snooker Table Recover

Gallery of images displaying a recent snooker table recover by IQ

A Midlands based client contacted us and asked if we refurbished old snooker tables. He had an old Atlas 5ft slate bed table top snooker table that was a prized family item but had unfortunately fallen into a poor state of repair as it was passed down through the family.

Cushion rubbers were hard, threadbare thin nylon cloth and frame were covered in paint droplets and there were many non standard tweaks which had been applied to the table.

It was in a poor state of repair and we had to carefully assess the work involved to refurbish but not make it look too new as it had irreplaceable patina gained over Estimates 50 years.

We arranged specialist trade fitters to collect and return the table so it was in safe hands throughout the restoration process by our trade professional fitters. We refitted new cushion rubber, old pocket backs, new leathers fitted and put on Strachan 6811 green wool napped cloth, marked for snooker and fitted new nets and gave the frame an essential wipe down and polish. New Aramith 1 1/2” 10 red snooker set and a set of 1 1/2” reds and yellows pool balls completed the turnaround of the original table. The differing ball sets would placate all ages at the family getogethers.