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7FT Supreme Winner Pool Table Cloth Recover

We were recently contacted by a client who had a 7ft freeplay Supreme Winner in their games room. They wanted to update their current green wool cloth to a more fashionable colour to blend in with their home decor.

A cross section of wool and nylon cloth swatches in grey and silver spectrum were sent and they chose the silver/grey napped wool cloth. Before we progressed the order we asked our client to check the state of their cushions - if they were not pliable then new cushion rubbers could be fitted by ourselves. The cushions were hard and unresponsive so we re-rubbered with genuine Supreme cushion rubber and fitted the new wool cloth at the same time.

The pictures sent by our clients vividly show how a standard green wool cloth can be updated to a modern coloured cloth. It provides a quality playing surface and also adds to the rooms' aesthetics. With new cushion rubbers fitted this table will provide many years' enjoyment for our clients

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