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Pool Table Cloth Recovers

Our client recently recovered his pool table with guidance from IQ

One of our customer's has kindly agreed to share their own experience of undertaking a pool table recover job!

They did it with the help of our guidance -

"The cushion rubber came away quite easily, I left behind bits of rubber material attached to the rails
- I had to rub away the old adhesive with my thumbs, which was not an easy job!
cutting the rubber was a very diffucult job to do
- after several attempts with various tools I ended up cutting and shaping the cushion profiles with an electric multipurpose tool
- another tricky part was to stretch the cushion without having any creases on it, I should have used more staples to get the tension more uniform
- to remove the old adhesive from the slate I used a blade scraper and steel brush
- I used contact adhesive and wooden clamps to get the cloth to stretch evenly, which I wedged tight with small pieces of wood while it dried
- I added the line and spot with a sharpie pen and bolted it all back together.

In hindsight I should probably have got the professional's to do it, although I'm happy with the end result!"