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How To Recover a Pool Table

A Guide By IQ

Recovering a pool table is practised by many however only mastered by a few. Preparation and planning are essential prior to carrying out the recover. Before you are commence work and are able to order the cloth and any other items required, it is necessary to identify the make of table, whether it is English or American and the outside dimensions. Tables are always measured by the outer dimensions and obtaining the slate and cushions measurements are also essential. It is important to ensure it is not a hybrid or non genuine table. Most professional companies, such as ourselves, are able to identify the make of the majority of tables from the last five decades.

The condition of the cushions needs to be ascertained at this stage. If they are dried out or 'dead', then there is no point in spending money on recovering them. We would always check the cushion condition at this stage to ensure there will be sufficient benefit to the recover. If they are cushions are not of a suitable condition, then we can normally supply new rubber for most tables. It is worth considering having them all replaced if the table is old and there are a number of dried out cushions.

We would always recommend contacting ourselves prior to ordering parts and cloth if you are planning to undertake the job yourself, to calculate the approximate costings. You will need to order cloth from the same factory batch to ensure the correct colour match, contact adhesive, the rubbers if required and glue. A power stapler is handy for recovering cushions. You will require a sharp craftman's knife, scissors, a scraper tool for removing old glue from the slate and a tool for removing the old staples.

Old slate needs to be cleared of old cloth and any old glue or debris. This should be cleaned on the top, side and underneath as dried glue anywhere will make it impossible to level the table.

If the cushion rubber is suitable for the recover, proceed with caution when removing the old cloth and the old staples. Take care not to dislodge or indent the cushion rubber.

If you are in any doubt about your ability to tackle the job, please feel free to ring us on 0161 49 48 48 5 for a competitive quote for us to recover your table for you.